Star sign: Leo 
Where are you originally from? LA 
What is your favorite thing about living in LA?
My loved ones are from here - My family, my boyfriend, and few friends. My culture is here. I have a coffee shop and great food in every direction. 
What do you like to do when you're not modeling? 
I'm in school to become an Esthetician, half of my week. The other half, I'm out brunching around LA, hiking, or at a coffee shop with a girlfriend of mine. 
What are your favorite places to shop and eat in LA?
I'm a uniform kind of girl, but I do really like thrifting for outerwear and tees. Reformation and Redone denim hugs my booty well, so those are my favorite jeans. Anywhere I can find a basic white, black, or grey tee- I'm there. 
Eating wise, ugh so much good food. Brunch, the latest great meal I can remember was at A.O.C. Lately, my go-to spots are République and Paramount Coffee Project. My favorite treat sandwich is the short rib sandwich is from Joan's on Third. 
Describe what inspires your style? 
My idea of the late 90s "It Girl". It can be sultry, conservative, or sporty, but it's always basic. I'm a basic, uniform girl. My go-to is denim and baby tees. Clean. Throw on some 97s or my black, leather booties and call it a day. I love sweats or anything baggy. I want to branch out and become more sexy, though. More dresses and trousers. 
The Line by K @cocoaflowerr
What is your morning and night beauty routines?
Put on whatever music is fitting the mood. Cleanse my face, chemically exfoliate, and jade roll the appropriate serum or concentrate into my face. Then moisturize, and rub on some SPF 55 sunscreen. Minus the sunscreen, my night routine is the same, but I follow with massaging my scalp with castor oil. I also go through my lashes and brows with castor oil, using a spoolie brush. 
Hair is easy, rake my fingers through with Deva Curl decadence conditioner and Camille Rose's moisture milk. If I'm lazy, it's a slick bun day. Before I go to sleep, I wrap my head with a silk scarf. 
What is your dream vacation? All of South America 
What is your idea of cool?
Being truly comfortable and confident in your skin. Loving yourself to the point where no validation is necessary.
The Line by K @cocoaflowerr
What do you wear to feel powerful?
high wasted, perfectly fitted denim with my black stiletto booties. 
What is the best advice you've ever received?
"It's never that deep."

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