1. How do you define sexy?

Sexiness is learning about yourself and finding your own forms of confidence. 


2. What piece from The Line By K embodies your personality?

Definitely The Philo Pant, I have a mostly "go with the flow" personality that go with these trousers.  


3. What kind of music inspires you?

Different music inspires different emotions that go hand in hand when I make art. There's too much beautiful music to limit yourself. Sade, Pink Floyd, Celia Cruz, Devendra Banhart... 


4. Share something that scares you and how that affects your decisions?

I'm afraid of being stuck but being afraid motivates me to learn new things, new ways of making art. That way you never stop growing.  


5. What advice would you give your younger self?

Find your own beauty and don't forget that you are a light.

6. What positive affect would you like to have on the world?

I would want others to at least be on a journey of self love. When you are learning to love yourself you find the highest form of beauty, you surround yourself with light. I'm still on that journey, but self love opens up so many doors for yourself and I've started to learn that I am capable of so much because I am focused on how I can keep growing.  


7. What inspires you when you get dressed?

I'm inspired by people and my surroundings. I'm always looking out the window for color palettes of apartment buildings and houses. Watching movies and going to exhibits inspires pieces of my outfits and I love looking at people on the street with cool funky clothes.  


8. Who do you consider to be the biggest living legend?

My mom continues to show me what being strong looks like. She has the biggest heart and after the long road she's been through, it remains intact. I learn and grow from her almost everyday.  


9. As a woman, what is your greatest superpower?

As humans, knowing how capable we are, our ability to love and learn is the greatest superpower. People are capable of doing an infinite amount of things, once we start understanding that, what can stop us from loving and creating and being happy? 


10. What phrase do you say the most?

"Do what you want". I say it to myself maybe a few hundred times a day.  


11. What is your idea of happiness? 

Happiness is being surrounded by love and bright energies. Happiness is loving who you are and what you are putting out into the world.


12. Describe your perfect day off when you're not modeling?

I have many perfect days, even when I'm modeling. Spending time with my partner, going to art galleries or museums or feeling the sun shine on me while I'm painting on a big canvas roll listening to Sade or Pink Floyd would be a few of many perfect days. 


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